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About the Site

The Pikmin Archive is an attempt to archive as many official pikmin things that don’t quite fit in a wiki. This site aims to host and show off anything related to pikmin, including (but not limited to!) PDFs of official guide books, video captures of the games, and screenshots and Way Back Machine links to related websites. Please check out the Pikipedia for information about more wiki-type topics, such as enemy lists and character descriptions.

Please note that this site is still under construction; there are many sites, documents, videos, ect. that I have saved that still need to be added.

About the Tools Used

This site uses a couple of diffrent sites and tools to archive the given content. Individual files and sites are usualy hosted on multiple of these, as redundancy helps should one of the backups become unavaliable (ie, YouTube takes a video down but the Internet Archive still has it avaliable). These tools incude

About the Site Creator

I’m Grubdog! I’ve been a fan of Pikmin ever sense I was small – I can’t even remember the first time I played the first two Pikmin games because of how young I was. I love these games so much, and I want to be able to preserve as much as I can regarding them!